Metro in Cagliari

Address: Piazza Repubblica, 09129 Cagliari
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Arst transport in Cagliari

This brand new rapid transit raiway in Cagliari, called Metrocagliari, has recently become a new service provided in Cagliari , joining the city center to Monserrato, thanks to a railway 6.4 kms long with stops in Gennari, Genneruxi, Mercalli, Vesalio, Marconi Shopping Center, Caracalla, Redentore, Gottardo.

The main terminal is located in the “Repubblica” modern station, which can be reached either from Piazza Repubblica or Via Dante, where a ticket booth can be found along with an information center. Stops are conceived to be comfortable thanks to displays and loudspeakers, furthermore they’re also suitable for handicapped people.

The whole route goes on for 18 minutes with a delay from a stop to one another of 2 minutes. To know more about the whole stops network check out this map and scheduled timetable.

It is possible to board just two bycicles at a time and the owner has to pay an extra ticket.

Metrocagliari Timetable from Repubblica station:

  • first fare 6.20
  • last fare 22.40 Metrocagliari

Timetable Repubblica station on public holiday:

  • first fare 07:20
  • last fare 20:40

Metrocagliari Timetable from Gottardo station:

  • first fare 06:00
  • last fare 22:00

Metrocagliari Timetable on public holiday, Gottardo station:

  • first fare 07:00 am
  • last fare 20:20 pm