Climate Cagliari

Panoramic views of CagliariAs for the rest of Southern Italy, Cagliari has a Mediterranean climate, with scarcity of rainfall, hot Summers (sometimes sulty), mild Winters and plentiful natural ventilation. The range of maximum Summer and minimum Winter temperatures are respectively 40 °C e 4 °C. The average temperatures are instead pleasant, with minimum Winter temperature of 6 °C and maximum Summer temperatures of 30 °C approximately.


The prevailing winds are North-West (Mistral), blowing from November to March, and Sout-East (Jugo), from April to October, with an average strength of 8 knots along the year. Moreover, in Summer, the breeze coming from sea, makes the hot more bearable both in the city and on the coast.


The few rains are more intense and plentiful in the months of February, October and November, while almost absent from June to August.


The high humidity on average is mitigated along the day by North- winds, particularly cool and dry, while it is enhanced during disturbances coming from South-East.

Temperatures in Cagliari along the year

These climate features make Cagliari unique, allowing wonderful vacations in low season, at Easter or at Christmas, during the breaks or festivals like the Feast of Saint Efisio. Sardinia is considered as the Hawaii of Mediterranean, and Cagliari offers some of the ideal conditions for those who are fond of windsurf, kitesurf and surf, with two-hundreds “surfable” days per year, with waves up to 4-metre high.

Cagliari  Temp. max average (°C)  Temp. min average (°C)  Rain (mm) 
Jan 14  6 46
Feb 15  6 57
Mar 16 7 44
Apr 18  37
May 22  12 24
Jun 27 16  9
Jul 33  19 3
Aug 30  19 9
Sept 27  17  31
Oct 23 14 56
Nov 18 10 56
Dic 15 7 55
Annual 21 12 427