Cagliari Sardinia

City of CagliariPlaced in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, the city of Cagliari stands in the South of Sardinia of which it is the capital.

The city owes its current location to the construction of its four neighbourhoods: Castello, from where comes its name in dialect “Casteddu”, the Marina, Stampace and Villanova, by the Pisans in 13th century. Then, it was attacked and conquered by the Aragonese, that classified it as royal city and dwelling of the viceroy. Following the Spanish dynastical wars, the city became the property of Savoy dynasty allowing the birth of the Kingdom of Sardinian and Piedmont, finally evolving into the Kingdom of Italy.

Despite being one of the fifteen Metropolitan cities of Italy, the city of Cagliari does not overhangs the natural ecosystem thanks to the seven hills arising from the city, established as parks, and to the presence of Molentargius and Santa Gilla ponds, as well as of the sea, conferring that wild character featuring the whole Island.

Cagliari can be easily reached from everywhere in the world via the numerous air routes, both local and internations bound to its airport and to the other airports located in the terrirory of Sardinia, and via the sea routes bound to its Port, overlooking the town, and the other ports of Sardinia connected to Cagliari via the public transports of the Island.

The mild climate of the region facilitates the permancence of Summer conditions in the period included between May and October, where it is possible to relax and get lost among the shores in the surroundings of the city, and the Winter, where the temperature in the coldest months ranges between 14°C and 5°C, allows you to live Cagliari with total confidence.

Cagliari is a pictoresque and charming tourist destination leaving a wonderful memory, for its thousands-year old history, testified by the remains of ancient Roman and Punic civilisations, for its Archeologic and Art, for the courtesy and hospitality of the inhabitants, for the lively night life, as well as for its gourmet specialities strong of the good land, breeding and fishing in its crystal waters.

A wide offer of accomodations and tourist services, also facilitated by public transports by Bus, Taxi and the new Underground line will be ready to welcome you along the year.