The charm of Costa Rei

Costa Rei, located in the sardinian south-eastern coastal area, is a hamlet of the nearby Muravera Commune and its territory is extended for 10kms, from Pirastu harbour reaches out cala Sinzias (a small bay). This charming coastline, thanks to a transparent sea water, its exceptional climate together with its peculiar scents and vibes is considered as a mediterranean jewel, whose charm consists mostly in its unspoilt environment.

Costa Rei Beach

Costa Rei beachThe renowned beaches in Costa Rei are loved both by locals and tourists due to the unspoilt, breath-taking landscapes; there is plenty of possibilities which meet different needs: it possible to choose a free beach or those with leisures such as lounge chairs and beach umbrellas. Finally, the large number of small, lovely bays offer a chance to relax.

Among the beaches, the scoglio di Peppino (Peppino’s cliff) one is the most famous; is located beside Santa Giusta and offers a direct view of the wonderful Serpentara island. Different environmental conditions in this area allow visitors to perform a large number of open-air sports.

Open-air sports

Being active by doing various activities such as diving, windsurf, sailing, canoeing, beach tennis and trekking will be possible during your holiday in Costa Rei. The area also offers the possibility to enjoy different kinds of landascapes, not only marine ones, but also ponds and lagoons as the Colostrai one, the Saline (saltworks) and Feraxi; striking trekking experiences can be enjoyed by exploring the Sette Fratelli Wildlife Park, to find some plants peculiar to the mediterranean environment such as myrtles and arbutuses and spotting some wildlife animals such as boars, deers and golden eagles.

The Capo Ferrato natural oasis is a marine protected area but still allowed to visitors thanks to itineraries and rest stops. Enjoying your stay in Costa Rei can be completed , at the end of the day, by strolling down the streets in the village it is possible to choose between restaurants, restaurants cooking pizza and ice cream parlors. Shows are always performed in the small squares,every night it is possible to enjoy a different one. Local , fresh products(vegetables or cheese) can be bought in street markets which are especially available during the day, whereas during the evening souvenirs, gadgets , ethnic handmade items and local products are usually available.

Strolling down the streets allows visitors to a nice experience stopping by the different shops to buy clothes or sardinian handmade products and more.

How to reach Costa Rei

From Cagliari by car

Costa Rei is located almost 65kms far from Cagliari; the journey takes almost one hour and gives you the chance to enjoy the beautiful sight of the sardinian south-eastern coastal area, running along the Poetto seaboard ,taking Cagliari as a starting point and follow the coastal road to Costa Rei; check the route at the following link.

From Cagliari to Costa Rei by bus

Costa Rei can also be reached by bus from the Piazza Matteotti bus station. Check the following link to the Google maps service to know more about the journey. This 64 kms long journey takes almost two hours for a simple fare 5€ ticket, 9€ for a round one.