Santa Margherita - Pula - Nora

Pula as a commune is very popular because of ,for example, the Nora beach, well known for its roman relics. Santa Margherita di Pula, a peculiar village nearby the seaside and the Polaris sardinian science park, both contribute to its fame.

Thousands of tourists, from all over the world visit Pula yearly. This one of a kind town is very peculiar and well-groomed: each characteristic makes your holiday unique and enjoyable. Many restaurants and pizzeria can be found downtown. Strolling down the main road, where vehicular traffic is often restricted, is also a likeable experience thanks to the peculiar handicrafts stores and the colourful clothing stores. In the main square it is possible to rest for a while and enjoy the street shows, including those offered by street performers. A long cycling lane links the village to the Nora beach, going through a lavish tree-lined-road.

Nora beachNora is considered as one of the first settlements in southern Sardinia as proven by the nuragic relics displayed at the Archeological Museum of Cagliari. The very name of the village comes from Norace, a folk-hero, chief of the Iberi ,who is also supposed to be the one who imported the Nuraghi tower-like structures in the island.

The village, is firstly conquered by the Phoenicians and then by the Romans. Under them Nora became the most important village in the island but also the capital of the roman province of Sardinia and Corsica, as shown by the archeological site located in the Nora beach with temples a theatre and a watering place. Alongside the Beach, Su Guventeddu, arises a small medieval church devoted to Saint Efisio martyr. The church is where the saint’s statue arrives and then leaves during the very well known religious Procession from Cagliari. The nearby Nora lagoonal park allows visitors to its cetacean and sea turtles rehabilitation centre , to an aquarium, a bird-watching lagoonal spot and other services, including snorkeling and canoeing.

Santa Margherita di Pula is a large tourist town mainly composed by cottages and many lavish Resorts. Still inside Pula, in the hinterland , arises Polaris, the sardinian science Park: it is possible to reach it by taking a dedicated Arst bus line. Check the following link for timetables or contact number +39 070 92431.

Reaching Pula by bus

It is possible to reach Pula by taking an Arst bus in Piazza Matteotti bus station. Timetables and routes are available at the following link.

How to reach Pula driving from Cagliari

From via Roma, head towards Piazza Matteotti and run along the right side of the Arst station; then take the E25 and move over the SS195 following the directions as shown in the following link offer by Google Maps. The landscape offered by the eastern coast of the Cagliari gulf will be at your right.