Natural park of Settefratelli - Mount Genis

Cagliari and its hinterland not only offer breathtaking beaches and a thousand-year-old history but also the wild and unspoilt beauty of its mountains where visitors can find a fresh shelter from the hot summer weather provided with various facilities.

The Settefratelli Wildlife Park, is a granite massif whose Punta Ceraxa is the highest peak in the area,1016 mts tall, offers a lot to visitors.

The Settefratelli Park’s wildlife

Park of Monte GenisThis park is almost 10 hectars wide, where forests and mediterranean bushes are the main features, dominated mainly by evergreen oaks, arbutus, hardwood, heather,broom and on the lower levels cork-oaks can be found.

It is instead possible , at higher levels, to note wider broomed areas, while others are mostly covered with thymes and lavender. Along water courses, mostly seasonal ones, oleander, willow and alder trees are the most common ones.

Within this lush vegetation various (animal species) find their own habitat, especially the sardinian deer whose population is very large and can be easily seen around this area together with eagles, martens, sardinian hares and boars.

About services and leisures activities offered

For those into trekking and cycling the Settefratelli Mountain offers unique trekking routes and bycicle allow visitors reaching the most beautiful places within the forest, also thanks to the nearby Support Center where it is possible to obtain the information needed; moreover a guided tour to the sardinian deer museum is also programmed.

The Botanic Garden in Maidopis is also accessible to the blind ,easily reachable by car and , thanks to a handrail , keeps visitors safe, and allows them enjoying a safe experience. Among services available inside the museum there is a didactic room dedicated to children, a rest stop and an information center. In the Bau Arrexini area, instead, a pic-nic area is available.

How to reach the “Monte Settefratelli wildlife park” by car

Take Piazza Matteotti as the starting point of your journey, then head towards the SS554 (it is also possible to go through Viale Poetto or the Median axis, a sort of highway, go right through it ,then take the SS125(route 125) until you reach the crossroad to Burcei. Alongside the “Arcu’e Tidu crossing point; beside the 30,100 km take the first to the right, then drive other 250m to find the former Noci police station. The 40 kms long journey takes almost 40 minutes and gives you the chance to enjoy the breath-taking landscapes offered by the sardinian inland. For further details about your journey check the following link to the service provided by Google maps.