Theatres of Cagliari

The Theatres of Cagliari offer a varied lyrical programming, of prose and concerts. In this section there are the main theatres and concert halls of the city.

Teatro Civico di Castello
  • Via de Candia - 09124 Cagliari
  • Phone: +39 070 677 7660
  • Bus: 7

Civic Theatre of Castello

The Civic theatre of Castello is located into the most ancient historic neighbourhoood of Cagliari. It offers cultural shows ranging from plays to jazz music, from dj sets to food & wine events.

Teatro Lirico di Cagliari

Lyrical Theatre of Cagliari

The Lyrical Theatre of Cagliari, seat of the foundation bearing the same name, offers every year a concert season, a lyric and a ballet season, and organises other music performances in the theatre, in the adjacent Park of Music and in other places of the city.

Teatro Massimo - Teatro Stabile di Cagliari

Massimo Theatre - Teatro Stabile of Cagliari

The Massimo Theatre is located in viale Trento, with public entrance in via De Magistris. It is immersed in the context of Liberty villas of viale Merello, in the ancient neighbourhood of S. Avendrace, and it was, for some years, the deserved substitute of the Civic Theatre of Castello and of Politeama Regina Margherita. After years of closure, it was recently reopened, and hosts the prose season and cultural events.