Museums of Cagliari

The city of Cagliari boost numerous and inestimable museum expositions. In this section you will find the art museums, the archeological museums, the ethnographic museums and the science museums.

Antico Palazzo di Città

Ancient City Palace in Cagliari

The Ancient City Palace, historical building of Cagliari located in Castello neighbourhood, was the seat of the Municipality from Middle Ages to the first years of the twentieth century.

Castello di San Michele
  • Via Sirai - 09121 Cagliari
  • Phone: +39 070 500656
  • Bus: 20 - 21

The Castle of San Michele of Cagliari

The Castle of San Michele, Municipal Gallery of Arts and Culture, hosts contemporary exhibitions, workshops for children, conferences and meetings.

Cittadella dei Musei di Cagliari
  • Piazza Arsenale, Cagliari
  • Phone: +39 070 6757627
  • Bus: 6 - 7 - 8

The Citadel of Museums of Cagliari

The Citadel of Museums of Cagliari, in the historic neighbourhood of Castello, is the most important Museum Institution of the city, which gathers a great number of works and historical findings from all Sardinia end far East areas.

Exmà Cagliari Consorzio Camù Arte
  • Via S. Lucifero, 71 - 09127 Cagliari
  • Phone: + 39 070 666399
  • Bus: 1 - M - 29

Exmà Camù Art Consortium

The Exmà is an artistic and cultural centre of the Municipality of Cagliari. It is located in the ancient neighbourhood of Villanova, in the centre of Cagliari, in Via San Lucifero, and runs along via Sonnino.

Galleria Comunale D'Arte di Cagliari

Municipal Art Gallery of Cagliari

Located into the Public Gardens, north the fortress of Castello neighbourhood (in Largo Dessì), the Municipal Art Gallery of Cagliari is one of the most important museum institutions of the Sardinian capital.

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