Monuments of Cagliari

The city of Cagliari boosts numerous historic and artistic monuments, result of the different populations that succeeded for thousands of years between dominations and trade routes, leaving a testimony of their culture. In this section there are the most famous monuments of Cagliari, from archaeological sites and the most important architectural artifacts.

Antico Palazzo di Città

Ancient City Palace in Cagliari

The Ancient City Palace, historical building of Cagliari located in Castello neighbourhood, was the seat of the Municipality from Middle Ages to the first years of the twentieth century.

Area archeologica di Tuvixeddu
  • Via Falzarego, 49 Cagliari
  • Bus: 1 - 10

The archaeological area of Tuvixeddy

The archaeological area in the hill of Tuvixeddu hosts the most important Phoenician-Punic necropolis of the Mediterranean area, with thousands of graves dug in a period ranging between VI and III century B.C.

Il Bastione di Saint Remy a Cagliari
  • Bastione di S. Remy, Piazza Costituzione, Cagliari
  • Bus: 6 - 7 - 10

Saint Remy Bastion in Cagliari

The Bastion of Saint Remy is a monumental building dating back to the end of nineteenth century, located in the historical neighbourhood of Castello in Cagliari.

Castello di San Michele
  • Via Sirai - 09121 Cagliari
  • Phone: +39 070 500656
  • Bus: 20 - 21

The Castle of San Michele of Cagliari

The Castle of San Michele, Municipal Gallery of Arts and Culture, hosts contemporary exhibitions, workshops for children, conferences and meetings.

Dettaglio dal Cimitero Monumentale di Bonaria
  • Piazza Cimitero, Cagliari
  • Phone: +39 070 300205
  • Bus: 6 - 30 - 31

Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria

The Monumental cemetery of Bonaria is one of the most evocative places of the city of Cagliari, and it stretches from the base to the top of the hill of Bonaria, on an area dedicated to the necropolis already in the Punic, Roman and Early Christian periods.

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