Santa Teresa di Gallura Harbour

Address: Località Torrevecchia - Santa Teresa Gallura
Telephone: +39 0789 751936
Fax: +39 0789 753170
Web Site:
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The Harbour in Santa Teresa di Gallura is located over the town in a strikingly beautiful geographical area , nearby the Bocche di Bonifacio and just some minutes away from the Maddalena island. The Santa Teresa Harbour is placed within a narrow creek and it consists in two main docks and some wharfs for yatching.

How to reach Cagliari by bus from Santa Teresa di Gallura Harbour

For this route it is advisable checking the following link on the Arst website, adding the time of departure and the day of the departure: which means picking up the most convenient schedule for you. It is possible, moreover, to check out the Arst website at the following link to get information about the bus stops in the Olbia-Tempio province.

To get directions it is available a Google Maps service on the ARST website at the following link. A simple fare, 20€ ticket is required on board.

Reaching Cagliari from Santa Teresa di Gallura by train

Unfortunately there's not actual railway network which connects Cagliari to the Harbour in Santa Teresa di Gallura. It is advisable splitting your itinerary in two parts: the first one from Santa Teresa to Olbia by bus, then the second one from Olbia to Cagliari by train.

For the first part of your itinerary take an ARST bus service provided in Piazza Modesto, alongside the Harbour. The Olbia-Tempio province bus stops are available to check on the ARST website at this following link, under the section dedicated to bus stops.

It is moreover advisable getting directions for your itinerary on Google Maps available on the ARST web site. The journey takes almost due hours and requires a one-way 3€ ticket. Get off at the bus stop in Via Gabriele D'Annunzio in Olbia, then head towards the railway station to take a train to Piazza Matteotti, in Cagliari.

This itinerary takes almost four hours and it requires a 16€ ticket. To gather more information about the scheduled trains check out the Trenitalia official web site at the following link, under the “Ticket” (all trains) section.

How to reach Cagliari from Santa Teresa Harbour by car

In order to reach Cagliari from Santa Teresa head towards Palau, then towards Tempio Pausania until it is possible to enter the SS131, towards Sassari, heading towards Cagliari.

The whole 300 kms itinerary takes almost three hours and a half and it also offers you the possibility to enjoy the striking sardinian landscapes. For further directions check out the map at this link.