About Us

City of CagliariCagliari Holidays was born in the spring of 2013 to provide the city of Cagliari with a web-based platform including within a unique network all of the activities, the services and information useful for the tourist.

Today, it is possible to arrange any aspect of the holiday before departure, from the most convenient transports to the most interesting guided tours, from information concerning museums and events, to bus schedules, and much more, leaving only pleasant experience for the journey.

The aim of Cagliari Holidays is to enable the guests of our city to live it as experts, providing all of the information possibly needed, in order to enjoy, simply and directly all of the activities and services available in Cagliari and its surroundings.

Cagliari Holidays seeks to encourage the traveler with continued reportages on the best activities, curiosity, typical dishes, shows and not-to-be-missed events, in order to offer the territory of Cagliari not only for its wonderful sea, but also for its history that one can still breathe in the historic neighbourhoods, for the taste and flavours of its wine and food specialities and for the beauty of an ancient city, yet lively, happy and welcoming.